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Nonprofit Organization That Aims to Fight Human Trafficking and Slavery

Help fight human abuse by supporting Eiger TCT™. As a non profit organization, we aim to combat the horrific abuses revealed by human slavery. This miserable condition is often camoulflaged by confusing terms and words (illegal merchandising, illicit conduct, unfair labor, etc). Factually, people around the world are sold or forced into slavery; we must raise awareness about this evil practice so others can help us put an end to it. Contact us to show your support for our cause.

Our Story

Eiger TCT™ and TRAUMALAND were conceived by way of "inspiration and perspiration". The founder was exposed to a 10-year crucible involving all of the components of government corruption, human trafficking, and prison incarceration in slave-bondage conditions. During this miserable journey, intensive research was done; all of which motivated him to "show up at the ropes" instead of witnessing as a spectator.

The accumulated research and ongoing revelations of our founder are presented to the general public to enlist massive participation. The fact that people in the US and Canada are ambivalent about slavery, including human trafficking, are major problems. If you travel to another country, you gain a whole new perspective of what slavery-human trafficking is about, and we aim to bring attention to these problems which are also prevalent in the USA and Canada.

Mission Statement

To encourage empathy and tolerance among and within humans.

Contact us to learn how you can help support our cause.

About Eiger TCT™

The company specializes in construction and advanced technology to provide state-of-the-art facilities, plus innovative food/restaurant catering to prisons and other government institutions.

Thermally Efficient - Low Cost - Indestructible Cottages

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