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The Way to Right Wrongs is to Turn the
Light of Truth Upon Them (Ida Wells)

Crooked Employees Must Go...
...but not to jail!

ALLUS-IN-TRAUMALAND exemplifies our bottom line which is: "current penal infrastructures are incubators for magnified criminal conduct, instead of healing stations and long term solutions".

• HEALING {selection} STATION #1 • 
A process classified as demarcation. This means identifying those CROOKED EMPLOYEES (and all law violators) who commit NON-violent crimes.

• HEALING {indoctrination} STATION #2 •
A series of eye-eye seminars designed to instill motivation and imbue appreciation for a professionally structured CORE IMPROVEMENT & VITALITY PROGRAM.

• HEALING {cottages concept} STATION #3 •
The COTTAGES DOMICILE is presented as a humane and comfortable abode, not a jail/prison environment.

• HEALING {menu revelation} STATION #4 •
Educational sessions designed to describe and illuminate.

• HEALING {menu evaluation} STATION #5 • 
The incarcerated BAD ACTORS study their menu preferences.

• HEALING {menu selection} STATION #6 • 
The BAD ACTORS select the endeavor(s) to commit and pursue within the CORE IMPROVEMENT & VITALITY PROGRAM.

• HEALING {instructor staffing} STATION #7 •
First and foremost, staffing selections should emanate from current "jailhouse" employees.

• HEALING {ethical conduct} STATION #8 • 
Religious doctrine and worship ceremony practitioners must be recruited to provide CORE VALUE presentations.

• HEALING {mental disorder} STATION #9 •
Extreme mental disorders are not therapy conditions; instead they are brain deficiencies; licensed psychiatrists needed.

• HEALING {income benefit} STATION #10 •
The CORE IMPROVEMENT & VITALITY PROGRAM members are paid apprenticeship wages in accordance with Federal Guidelines.

• HEALING {cottages concept} STATION #11 •
The cottages are the domiciles for the BAD ACTORS while incarcerated. They are designed to be functionally comfortable worker platforms.

• HEALING {synergistic cornucopia} STATION #12 •
The COTTAGES are provided for BAD ACTOR occupancy and also HOMELESS PERSONS.

The CORE IMPROVEMENT & VITALITY PROGRAM progressively describes solutions, not fantasies. It is a sophisticated yet practical "century-enduring" GAME CHANGER.

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